What do you look for in a man, or a woman?

I know a lot of people have different things they look for in a man or a woman.

For example, I like to find someone who likes the same music as me, or has eyes I can stare deep into so it feels like I am in heaven.

What I want to know, is what do you look for in a man, or a woman?

Do you look for their ability to laugh at themselves? Do you look at their ability to be able to make you smile?

What do you look for?


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  • Have you ever seen the notebook?

    i want a guy that would drag me on the little adventurous crazy things I want to do, but wouldn't actually do for myself. somebody to make me laugh and go out of there way to do the little things for me such as come to my door or write me a letter , just the gentleman type really

    • I'm watching The Notebook tonight, and I'm actually excited to watch it. It sounds good, and so does the guy you are describing.

    • yeya you should watch it, it is such an amazing film :D

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  • A guy for me should be someone who respects me, loves me with all his heart, makes me laugh, loves me for who I am, does not make feel uncomfortable and who I can just be myself with.

    I would also prefer for a guy to be at least some degree of attractiveness (in my eyes!)

    • And what is attractiveness, in your eyes?

    • To keep it simple, I find a guy with dirty blond hair always more attractive than a guy with any other hair color. I prefer averagely-build guys; not too muscular, not too thin. The attitude of the guy plays a huge role as well. A guy who is generally nice around other people is more attractive than a show-off who couldn't care less about most people.

    • So, Nicky from Westlife. ;) LOL.

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  • just someone who is easy to talk to and get along with.