Does anyone know how to reference a .gov pdf website in "harvard style" referencing?

I am not sure how I would reference this as there is not even an author. link

Could you give me an example both for in text and at the end since I do not know the author

also best answer to ones who tell me how to reference other academic website ones.

Also how to reference from this link

and here


really much appreciated in advance!


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  • Authorship or Source, Year. Title of web document or web page. [type of medium] (date of update if available) Available at: include web site address/URL (Uniform Resource Locator) [Accessed date].

    • Here this might help in the future. link

    • im not quite sure how to do it because I do not have an author. I've never had a problem ever in referencing at the end of the assignment. I am specificially asking within the assignment

    • Well you can use an author or a source. The paper looks like it was release by Defra, so that's who authored it. It's a government publication.

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  • GRRR harvard referencing I gotta do that sh*t too. gooooood luck :)!

    • Tell me to go write my paper... It's due at high noon tomorrow. link So tired of writing papers... o_OzZz

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    • i always feel sleepy when I come home from uni . I need CAFFEIINNEEEEE

    • Hook an IV drip up to the coffee machine. =P

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