Guys, if you like a girl, how would you look at her?

Would you often stare her or ignore her? Would you look at her passionately or what? So here's my case:

every time I pass him in the corridor, he stares as if he's bewitched/ stunned, and then on time he's entering the room and asked me what are we doing while looking into my eyes deeply and intensely for 2-3 sec, then one time I caught him looking at me first and then I looked back and he looked away immediately. And also, once I was feeling bored and started licking my lip, he's sitting opposite to me in a distance and he immediately looked down. Do you think he's interested or just aging fun?


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  • My feeling is that he's interested. Check and see does he act that way towards anyone else, maybe he just acts weird like that around some people in general? :-P

    But if not, then I would nearly definitely say that he's interested but just a bit shy. You may end up having to make the first move but see if he will do it first.

    Guys act differently towards girls they're interested in, but generally if he treats you different to everyone else then that's a good sign.

    • He sometimes teases some girls, but it's like he's acting a bit weird around me, I'm not sure, he once whistled when he saw two hot chicks fOolong around... But he stares, act random and childish around me and turns shy occasionally...too weird

  • I know if I get interested I try and plan out a way to talk to a girl, but when she looks at me I get embarrassed and try to break eye contact because I'm not ready. He is probably interested if he's shy around girls like I am.

    • Yeah. Maybe because I'm being way too cold to him, he probably thinks I think he's annoying or sth

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