I'm am going to get a spray tan for prom in a day or so. Any tips about what I should do to help it look right and last longer?


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  • Exfoliate with a loofa, do not use perfumed soaps use something like dove, you need to have "clean skin" don't use any lotion or anything. There's a video that you watch when you go to a tanning salon with instructions on how to stand and what to do.

    Make sure you put that gel they provide on your palms and the bottoms of your feel or else you will come out looking like some creature from the bronzed lagoon lol.

    Wear your hair up in a bun and make sure to put the shower cap on your head, if they don't provide on bring one yourself, it ruins your hair.

    Make sure when you get out to rub down with a towel all over your body to avoid splotches or streaks.

    Other then that your good to go!


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  • If'n I was you, Id get my momma to slather me down with a good thick coat of eurothane varnish after ya get spayed up with the tannin ointment. Bet this'll keep ya all smart n'sharp lookin for a week or better. Give ya a nice shiny forehead too.


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  • Exfoliate (and shave) before you go, but definitely don't exfoliate after the fact!