Girls, what do I do now ?

This girl I have a crush on is pretty and looks good , and one day she was wearing something's that looked good on her and made her even more prettier , so I told my friend that she looked pretty today and one of them told her that I thought she was hot and sexy even though I didn't say that I just said she's pretty , what do I do now ? How can I get her to like me ? After what that dude told her ?


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  • did she make a weird face or something when he told her? How do you know she didn't like the compliment? And I think next time if you think she looks nice you should go up to her and tell her... She'll appreciate it.

    • U see I'm a shy guy and tht is very hard to do , she didn't make a weird face

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    • go up to her when she's alone so you're not around her friends too.. But that's if she's ever alone.. So go up to her and say hey how are you. Or when you pass by her start saying hey

    • Ok thanks

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