What do girls look for in a guy?

I wonder, what girls look for in a guy because I have notice many girls seem to like "bad boys" than guys that really have a heart and wouldn't hurt them. I've been in two relationships and I get taken for granted for the fact that I consider myself a nice guy. The fact that I was taken for granted doesn't disturb me anymore, I went over it already so please limit yourself to answering the question. What do girls look for in a guy?


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  • to know what he wants and goes for it ( very ambitious ) has to be driven motivated and wants to be successful. I don't like guys that hav no sense of direction and just lurk around.

    • I'll give you the Best Answer because that is the way I am and it looks like most of the girls don't even care and just want to be with someone that treat them like crap. Thank you all for your answers. I wish you all a happy thanksgiving!

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  • HONESTY...that's all...

    • she is right with this you can't go wrong but don't force it to work if it is not XD

    • If I have force it KICK ROCKS...

  • Some badboys have hearts.

    Some self proclaimed nice guys don't have heart.

    I'm looking for somebody who is grown up and easy to get along with.


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