Why doesn't she look me in the eyes?

So my boss I've notice doesn't look me in the eyes unless its something important like scheduling, why is that? Today she gave me my check and as she handed it to me she looked else where not at me . Any reasons why she might b doing this ?


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  • It may be a cultural thing, depending on the ethinicity of your boss where I have heard that many Asian cultures, kids are trained from very young age and it is considered disrespectful to look someone in the eyes, but in western cultures it's disrespectful if you don't look in the eyes.

    So non verbal form of communication and it's interpretation vary amongst different cultures.

    And instead of all the complex sh*t, she could just be doing this because she doesn't like you or may be she likes you more ways then acceptable profesionally and is trying to avoid eye contact to hide that.

    So reasons and ratinale can be many but you need to work with you boss and at some time if it bugs you too much reach out and share a conversation with her to put yout mind at ease.

    Wish you good luck with everything.

  • Maybe she doesn't need to look you in the eyes to communicate. Or they can have all sorts of issues, but in the short answer if you think its that important then ask them not me. If you think they have some problem then as an employee it is your job to accommodate and help them not criticize and berate them on the internet. She's paying you. Think about what you are doing. Its not a game. Or, if you want, find a new job and at the top of the list put "I want someone to look me in the eyes" and then you can find a job where that is what you have. See if that works. It won't. Eye contact is nice, and it can be refreshing, but it is not everything.

    People are on Meds and they are tired of confrontation and they have personal lives. Try to be less intrusive on people who need you to help and so forth.


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