Why Did He Look At Me That Way?

When I was alone with my crush for the 1st time, we were chatting together, and he always look and behave in the same way as Edward looked and behave towards Bella when she 1st sit next to him in Biology class in Twilight movie (I'm not a fan of Twilight, but that's the best description I could give about how he looked at me). Not to mention that he also had this parted lips even when he's not talking. Why did he look at me like that? He clearly is not a vamp~ LOL


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  • Are you actually over 25?


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  • Um he likes you duh. Do you really need to ask this question? Lol

    • well it's kind of confusing to me, we all know edward look at bella that way because he likes her (I know because of the storyline) but when I am in that position myself, it's really difficult to judge, because he makes me confuse with his expression.