Where can I find these over the knee boots?

I'm looking for over the knee boots similar to these: link

Anyone know where I can find that kind of thing? Most of the over the knee boots I've tried on don't actually fall over the knee completely, and I can't find anything similar to that link online- I've checked Norstrom, Urban Outfitters, DSW, and a bunch of other sites.

Any suggestions?


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  • haha when I saw this I was thinking "I bet urbanog has them". What's wrong with those ones? I've been thinking about getting them. I had bought something similar in Italy but they're pretty dead now and I need to replace them.

    • They ran out of my size as of yesterday :( So mad I didn't order them sooner. I'm an 8.5 so I might just try ordering an 8 and 9 and see if one of those can do...

    • Oh, also I haven't ordered from them before- is the quality good?

    • Sadly, no I haven't but some of the brands like SODA are the same as the ones as Forever 21 and the like so I'm going off that.