Too James Dean/greaserish?

To make a short story short my hair has grown out and works well for a James dean style pompadour, which is about the only thing I can do with it short of completely unkempt. The thing is that my normal style of clothes is jeans with a white or other solid color tee, sometimes a v neck. And if its chilly I will wear a jacket usually a denim (always very different wash from pants though) or a bomber or a hoody.

With the hair mixed with my normal style I feel like a wannabee greaser or that I am trying way too hard or something. What are your thoughts on this? Basically I like the hairstyle but is it too much?


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  • Hi,

    I really like pompadours. I wish you would show us a photo of it.

    I want to see a picture but I would say keep the hair and change the clothes style.


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  • I say that you should keep it!

    The hair and the style of clothes you wear I mean who are people to judge how you dress.

    Keep it! It actually sounds like a hot thing you got going on!(:


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  • This retro look will look cute, at least for a while, so why not go with the James Dean style. Get yourself a motorcycle and a black leather jacket, have a cigarette hanging from your lips, and carry a switchblade. You may as well go all the way with it.

    After the shock has worn off, after a few weeks, you'll have to come up with something else though. This kind of retro style has no staying power in terms of being attractive.