So, how do you make a beach theme formal?

I'm going to a dance next month, and the theme is "neon beach" but it's an extremely formal... I'm going to ignore the neon part, since I own nothing neon and can't seem to make neon look good anyway, but I have no clue how to make a beach theme look formal. Any ideas on what types of dresses I could wear or how to do my hair? Links to pictures are appreciated :) I don't have much to choose from, but I'm going to look for a dress.

haha thanks everyone! I'm going to go black Friday shopping tomorrow, so maybe I'll find something then :) I'll try and post a picture when I find something.


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  • my thought, without reading the other answers:

    big white flower ((in your hair - why don't more girls put things in their hair? barettes are absolutely the cutest - seriously, very cute.)) --

    or a flower-y (literally real flowers) headband -

    braids are pretty beachy to me (those pull back ones). but just wear your hair how you like it best... I would guess that's your option. (guessing my way through this =))

    dress: airy or shoulder cardigan why combo/dress.

    my guess: cross a bonfire out-fit with a beach wedding dress/thing.

    mermaid seashell breastcupps are optional, but preferred =) (again, perfectly fine daily/non-Little-Mermaid wear in my opinion =)). pictures would be fun =)

    the more formal, the less 'showy' I would guess. but it's a good rule to bend to the point of breaking, haha. ...white seashells! if you do ;) - joe

    • following an important development here - seashell bikini bras =D -

      i don't think you will wear one, but if anyone did:

      big seashells.

      white. (or sparkly blue.)


      flower in the hair! =) that is the ONLY way - do you understand?-- every other way is boobytrapped (ha ha).

      - joe

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  • Two words: Wetsuit Kimono

  • Wear a bikini UV pain all over your body aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a bow tie!

    The tie signals formality.

    • Haha... seeing as it's a church dance, I don't know that this would go over very well. lol

    • Lol "beach party" church dance, the proverbial pastor trying to be hip... Well stick to normal church clothes then, or get a more colorful summery dress :)

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  • Wear a mermaid dress in a beach/ocean type color like light blue, aqua, coral, or even gold. Then give your hair beach waves and put it to one side of your head. Attach a flower or seashell or starfish to it.

    At least, that's what I would do if I went to a dance with that theme.

  • wear a mermaid dress! :D lol

  • floral floor length wrap dress and pretty intricate jewelry

  • Argh, I posted a really long response last night and it didn't go through! Let me try again.