Do you think he seemed apologetic when he said this?

Okay so I had quite thick hair in the past but after straightening and blow drying it, it damaged my hair. It's damaged to the point where my hair started to fall out in chunks. Anywhoo I have fine hair now although you can't see my scalp or anything like that you would see that my hair isn't obviously as full as before.

So recently having a convo with a guy and a girl, the guy happens to have thick hair. The convo some how went to the topic of hair and me and the other girl started to compliment his hair. He then said is 'thick hair really that good, cos some people who have thin hair still look good' at that point he looked at me.

I quickly changed the subject cos I felt the attention was on me and its a topic I'm uncomfortable with.

Now guys does it seem like he said that whilst looking at me he felt sorry for me or am I reading to into it? Lol


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  • He probably realized it made you uncomfortable and regrets saying it