If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend that's better much looking than you normally get due to their lack of confidence?

how would you go about it? How would you feel?

Would you feel like "damn I got a catch" or would that just automatically make them way less attractive to the point you'd rather be with someone that doesn't look as good but is confident?

i ask because I recently started see a girl that used to be a little heavier and she's really pretty now but doesn't feel that way, and whenever she says something like she feels she doesn't deserve me I just think "ugh, shut up please"


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  • I think you're over thinks things

    Two people like each they

    Just let it be


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  • A lack of confidence really annoys me, big time. I'd try to coach him and encourage him and tell him how great he is as a person, not just physically. I'd have heart to hearts with him. I don't know how long I'd last if none of this took.

  • i think in most cases the last thing happens.somehow that boyfriend/girlfriend would seem musch less attractive than they actually are

  • Just ignore her comments.

    Lots of girls are like that okay. It's not just her, many many girls feel bad about their looks because there is so much pressure.

    If you like her ignore it.

    If you don't like her say bye bye.


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