Different types of communication styles?

Ladies...Is there something fundamentally boring as hell about a guy you meet online who tries to get to know you better by trying to initiate an in depth conversation via email/text message about things that interest you?

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  • That depends on your ability to be scintillating in text. I've had fantastic conversations through email, chat, and even with a penpal who wrote to me on high-quality stationary (he pulled it off, I swear), and I've had email exchanges that made me want to break my computer just for an excuse to get out of them. A few warnings: 1) don't try for an "in-depth" conversation right away. Be funny and interesting and let the conversation flow naturally. Ask her about things, tell her about things, don't try to dive immediately into her soul. Guys (well, people of any ilk at all, really) who try to force profundity are unbearable. Banter is your friend. 2) Don't let it go on to long. This is true of any social interaction ever, but when you find a high note to end it on, do so. 3) Don't entirely suck at grammar. Eloquence is so, so attractive. 4) Read the signs. That's harder online, but if her answers are always much shorter than yours, then she's either terse or bored (hint: there are very few terse girls).

    Or, if you've got sexy handwriting, you could choose a signature stationary send her a pithy letter. It works sometimes.

  • It doesn't really bother me.

    Sure, sometimes I'd prefer to just meet or talk on the phone, but it's not a big deal to me.

    The only time I get bothered by someone *only* texting/emailing is if they know I'm upset about something or if we're fighting. If they know I'm going through something incredibly daunting and they still only text, I can be offended... because it seems really impersonal to get a text consoling you after someone you knew just died, you know? And also, if we're getting into an argument, I prefer to work it out by TALKING, not typing. Texts are easy to misread. And again, it's the impersonal nature of it in such extreme emotional moments that makes me feel like "Hey, I'm just doing the minimum to check on you so you won't be mad at me later, I'm not really all that concerned about what you're going through or feeling."

    Just getting to know each other better, texts and emails don't really bother me, no.

    • Oh Id much rather meet up and talk in person but apparently there is a very great deal of things that need to happen before I can't get a girl to get in her car, go to a public place like the mall and talk to me for an hour or two over dinner or something.

    • I understand. That's why I said texting and emailing is fine. Doesn't bother me :-)

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