Was I led on here in this situation?

He seemed to like and care about me (even told me this himself) but we only saw each other once a week.

Pursued me, always rang me first and sent texts first to me most the time.

We dated as well as being intimate and out in public but never met his friends or family.

This guy was not looking for long term was he?

Just do not understand why he would keep it going like this even though I told him I was not looking for a casual thing a month into it.

Till I was more upfront about things. After that he ends it!

Still confused by the whole thing because I was telling him I did not want casual a month into it. Why keep it going? Surely he would have known what that meant?!

He kept pursuing me two and a half months after I had said that. Only to end it when I was more upfront about not wanting friends with benefits!

Never pressured him into anything so I do not know what I did wrong! I just stated what I wanted. I was not asking for a relationship but did want to know if it was going to lead somewhere.

We were having fun hanging out together as well as all the other stuff. This is what gets to me when I think about what happened!


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  • I may be mistaken, but you directly asserted to him that you were NOT looking for something casual. Casual in this definition may have led him astray after he built feelings for you. A translation might be that you "weren't looking for an intimate relationship this soon"... I fail to see how you could be led on, if you were the one who decided to end what you guys had, even though you made no action in ending besides what you felt. Hope this clears up the confusion,

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I said I did not want casual and we still kept it going the same way for a month. He ended it after I said I did not want friends with benefits. I thought that by saying I did not want casual that meant that I did not want friends with benefits.

    • That was two and a half months after I had said I did not want casual.

    • That's very conflicting.. First you don't want casual (usually combined with the term casual dating.. meaning the beginning stages of a relationship)... and then later stating you don't want friends with benefits... Perhaps it was confusing to him? Have you tried to contact him and ask what it was he was looking for and start anew with this information? Maybe you guys didn't need to end things, merely and simply to rephrase what has already been said.

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