What do men want??

No guys I'm not talking about x box's and play stations ;)

Out of curiosity, I just wanted to ask what men look for in a girls looks wise and personality. And also when guys look at girls they randomly see ( never met ) is it true that they are criticizing them


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  • Physically, every guy has his own tastes. The only thing that comes close to being universal is that most guys prefer girls who aren't very overweight. That doesn't mean you need to be stick thin; many guys prefer curvier girls who have a bit of cushion, but if you're more than, say, 35% over the BMI for your height, you'd be best off losing some weight.

    Lots of guys in your age group aren't looking for relationships, period, and you need to realize that many just want sex, or sex and a hang-out partner for some occasional company. During their college years especially, guys tend to put their freedom above any relationship.

    But for the guys who DO want a relationship, they're looking for a girl with the following personality traits:

    - Happy and positive, not always finding the negative in the situation.

    - Outgoing, at least enough to show HIM some interest, so he knows the girl likes him.

    - Open and honest.

    - Trusting and secure, rather than insecure and jealous (unless he gives her cause to be).

    - Not desperate or clingy or needy; he needs some space and the occasional day to himself or with his guy friends.

    - Not nagging or complaining all the time.

    - Not constantly sad or depressed.

    - Friendly to his friends and family.

    - Sex-positive, meaning, she has not ashamed to like sex and isn't grossed out by it.

    For any real, long-term relationship, there also has to be compatibility in a number of areas, such as:

    - Marriage (either you both want it, or you both don't)

    - Kids

    - Family

    - Finances

    - Sex

    - Religion

    - Where you'll live

    - Careers

    - Other major future goals

    If you want to get married, have 2 kids, have missionary sex twice a week, live in Texas, be a Baptist, and retire in a cabin in the woods, it just isn't going to work with a guy who never wants to marry or have kids, wants wild sex 10 times a week, wants to live in NYC until he retires to a beach community in Florida as a Pagan. Compatibility is essential, and CANNOT be ignored or "fixed" with love.

    As far as guys criticizing random girls they see, yes, that occasionally happens, especially with immature guys, but it's the exception. Most of the time when guys notice a random girl, he's thinking about things that (in his mind, at least) are complimentary, such as "she's pretty" or "great boobs" or "fantastic ass." If he doesn't find her attractive, chances are he just won't notice her or pay attention to her at all. It's other GIRLS who are always seeking to criticize girls.


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  • what the guy below me said. basically a girl who I would be proud to be with, if a girl is a ho I would be embarrassed to claim her as mine. Smart, pretty the usuall stuff people say being a decent person will get me to be friends with a girl. now a girl who is decent and not a modern ho or serial nonogomist well then that gets my relationship attention

  • I do occasionally judge a girl that walks by, but that's usually only when she is in some super skanky dress and would be questioned by police about prostitution.

    Looks wise, she has to be someone that would look good with me. I don't have any particular criteria for how a girl should look to look good with me, but when she does she just does.

    Personality wise... I don't really know. A high level of intelligence is an absolute must. I am a guy that loves intelligent conversation that actually goes somewhere and means something. She has to be cool. By cool I mean able to keep controlled in all situations. She must must must be confident in herself. That is one of the hardest things to find. Intelligence is the next hardest. If she is confident and intelligent it honestly doesn't matter a bit what she looks like, I will be attracted to her.

    Those are the requirements for being attracted to her. For actually wanting to be with her she needs to be compatible with me. For me it's really simple, I love doing anything. I can be doing anything and be perfectly happy. She has to be able to as well.

    I guess that's about all I look for. Everything else gets determined by how well we work together in a relationship.

    • Bloody hell. That's an essay and a half, But hmm interesting. So basically your saying the girl will pretty much just stand out from the crowd? And about the part you answered for men criticising women they don't know- what if they just dress like normal girls.

      Basically I'm asking if you dress like a normal girl lol, if you catch a guy looking/staring is it true he's criticising

  • Every guy is different so we generally look for different things. However, we all look for the same major things: attraction, loyalty, caring, and a certain connection/spark. I think those are the basics. Everyone prejudges people they meet, it's human nature, it's actually a very strong survival trait. I tend to find girls that know they are pretty and flaunt it as self centered bitches, I know a bit drastic but that's what I've learned through experience.

  • We look for women that are not sluts, or annoying bitches, and we don't care about looks (in general). Although if you give him an xbox or a playstation he'll love you right away :D

    • Lol guys are just easily amused

    • with blowjobs yes, with girls saying that not really XD

  • "when guys look at girls they randomly see ( never met ) is it true that they are criticising them"

    No, that's women. Women criticise other women they see, even when they never met.


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