For women 30-40, grey hair on a guy?

I'm 42 and mostly grey--it runs in my family.

You guys are the dating pool I'm mostly looking at, although I wouldn't rule out anyone in their 20's, if they were interested.

Anyway, what do you think of grey hair? I can't dye it, I'm allergic.

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  • Please don't believe the "Just for Men" commercials.

    Hair color wouldn't be an issue for me. I would be more concerned about your personality, whether or not you picked your nose in public and your sense of humor than what color your hair was.

    I don't have a problem with some gray, all gray - or even blue. Hair color is irrelevant to me.

    • I don't usually pick my nose in public, but if that's your bum in your icon pic, I might be persuaded to make an exception. Oops, just noticed that you're already married.......nevermind. lol

    • Damn, all the best nose pickers run away.

    • I don't think that's simonette's butt...but she deserves a medal if it is, since she's a 36 yo mom

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  • I think it can look very nice on some guys. Ultimately, its one of those things that depends on the person. I, for instance, can't pull off blonde. But you might be able to do gray.

  • turn off to be honest. you're not even 50. after 55 than its ok. Id say dye it organically , get a wig or hat till then. a girl will eventually like you for you but I'm being honest, grey is not good.

    • Maybe it's your age?

      Do you think the 30-40 girls feel the same?

  • Ya know I am 29 and I have had grey hair since I was 12, ya 12. I do dye mine but when the grey starts to appear again people tell me to just leave it let it grow out. I know a lot of young guys that are all grey and they are still hot. So ya I find it attractive especially when they don't die it just shows how confident they are.

  • I'm 19 so I don't fit in the category you are asking the question to. But I can tell you that from my perspective, a older man's grey hair is very sexy. It conveys the feeling of wisdom and experience. It's definitely attractive. Why hide the natural occurrences in your body?


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