How can you tell if a guy/girl looks or stares at you?

It's at church when many people around. I always have feelings like he does stare or look at me? Yesterday in the middle of Mass, I was looking back and forth (can't explain when it's a Catholic event thing) and when I looked back in the front he had a light smile because I stood next to Bishop to help. Also, during the Presentation of the Gifts, his friend stood next to him and just bumped his shoulder while he was glancing down and I was looking up.

I meant he stood next to Bishop to help.


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  • It's pretty easy. If they look/stare at you, you'll always catch them doing that. Smile is an extra bonus, sending a message he digs you.

    • My problem is not that easy though. He shows signs a lot like he always stares at me, but does not just say anything. Before I asked my friend who also known him, but thing were not like I thought. He blocked me after I sent him a message because you wanted to clear things out. He ignored me at church for 2 months, but shows signs again until now. I don't know what he wants from me.

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