I cannot get a man no matter how hard I try.

I look pretty good, though I am a bbw, and no not showing a pic. I do get told I look like Beckett from Castle though, just bigger obs. And I cannot get a man no matter how hard I try. All my guy friends think I am awesome so what gives?

I should mention I work on my weight, but do to an actual medical problem it's quite difficult for me to lose weight so it takes me twice as long to lose what a normal person would be able to normally. Also I should mention I can't be that horrid if guys come on to me for one night stands constantly (honestly I have begun to wonder if that's all I'm good for), but I always turn them down because I don't do that. Then the hate begins. Honestly men are so mean to me it's awful.


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  • Well, I hate to say this, but in spite of all the "I don't like skinny chicks" most men simply do want skinny women anyway. Your size is working against you. Not saying that's right or fair, given my user name, I know how it feels. And I admit I'm guilty of this too, I have my size limits, even if she has a very pretty face (and the actress who plays Becker is very pretty) and an awesome kickass personality, if she is too big, I just cannot feel any attraction. But in fairness if a woman I likes doesn't want to date me because she don't find me attractive, I respect her for that.

    You also said you try hard, perhaps that's not helping. When someone says they try hard to get a man or woman, the first thing that comes to my mind is desperation. Don't "try" to find a man, just be the awesome woman you are, socialize, talk to people. You are at the age where most men don't make as big deal about size, and I've seen plenty of BBWs with guys, so if you don't stress over it, you'll get yourself a GOOD man.

    • Well after 3 years of singleness and countless money down the drain on dating sites I am this close to giving up for good.

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    • Considering it's like 9-8 and then still gotta go the gym after. Or like 3-1am not really. I just never get out when it's easy to meet people. I get one day off a week and I spend that running errands and cleaning the house and an hour or two with the family or my friends. I know if I met someone I could work them in, but I would have to know when.

    • Wow those are hellacious hours! Don't know what to say, wish I could have been helpful :(

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  • id date ya

  • While there are guys that like BBW, most guys don't. All your friends think you're awesome because you probably are. But unless the guy is pan-sexual or specifically into big girls, there's no sexual interest. Awesome person- sexual interest= good friend.

    If you want to have that sex attraction that encompasses the large group of men, then you'll have to change that aspect about yourself. If you don't want to change, that's fine too. I'm a believer in changing. None of us are perfect just the way we are, nor will we ever be. I think that's just feel good nonsense made as excuse so we don't have to try (and possibly fail). That being said, there are some things that you won't change about yourself on principle because you think it's a fundamental characteristic of who you are. Losing weight doesn't change your principles or moral code, so I don't see any harm in changing that to be attractive to a broader audience.


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