Do high school guys like older women?

There is this high school guy at my gym who likes me...he's at least 4 years younger than me...and I can't tell if I maybe look young or look old and he likes me...he doesn't know me personally so I am not sure...also, I am shy and I don't want to lead him on but I don't wanna be mean, what do I do?


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  • I think all of us had fantasies about older women, teachers or girls in college, older sisters of our friends. It's totally normal and healthy in my book.

    Just ignore him, he'll be way too shy to try any approach. If you want to give him a thrill,smile at him once in a while. He'll be forever grateful to you even if he never learns your name, believe me!


    • Lol I do smile, cause I try to be polite but then he keeps trying to be near me and going out of his way to walk by me... I feel mean like I am leading him on? lol

    • It's OK to lead him on just a little, to give him a thrill! It won't damage him for life, take my word for it!

      Best answer, no?

    • you were right about the way too shy to approach bit... I don't know why cause clearly I am friendly person haha

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  • Just tell him nicely that your not interested in him.


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  • Do nothing.

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