GUYS : Almost every time, I see this guy, he glances intensely at me for like 3 secs, what could this mean?

As a guy, why would you glance intensely at a girl for like 3 seconds when she first enters the room then look away and do this almost every time you see her?


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  • I would only do that to someone that I like.

    • The problem is he sometimes he glances at me for like 3 seconds when he first sees me then acts like I'm not there.

    • Yeah, that's, often times, what shy males do when they like someone.

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  • Sounds like he is attracted to you. Probably stops paying attention to try and play it cool.

  • Depends what "intensely" means. I look at changes in my surroundings all the time. If it happens to be a person, I look at them.

    That said, if it happens continuously, it's certainly an indicator of some degree of interest.

  • He likes you. I am 100% sure.

    • How can you be so sure? You can't be 100 sure!!!!! You don't know the other details like he doesn't always glance at me every time he sees me but I noticed he has defitnely glanced at me like 5 times. When I first enter a room , he will like glance at me for like 3 seconds then act like I'm not there. Can you say you are 100% sure now that he likes me? You obviously can't !!!

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    • LOL Thanks 4 the answer but I don't quite believe it. Answer this question. This guy who I think is shy when it comes to girls. Well as I said, this guy will glance at me for like 3 seconds then look away at times. Yesterday, I was sitting behind him, and he turned his head around to face it in my direction for like 2 secs, he made it look like he was looking out of the window. I pretty sure he knew I was sitting behind him.

      What's the chances that he turned around to look at me?

    • 100%, but of course you don't think I can know 100%, so 99% again! lol, its obvi he likes you yo!

  • Easy, he thinks you're cute


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