What do guys look for in a girlfriend?

what do guys look for in a girlfriend?what makes her be the one that your with?i feel like I have a lot of good quailtys but I don't get asked out.


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  • + Slender/average build, not overweight

    + Smiles a lot

    + Doesn't create drama just for the fun of it

    + Takes care of her appearance

    + Cares about the needs of others

    + Understands that man is a good thing in her life, but it shouldn't be the only good thing in her life

    If you haven't been asked out yet, I suggest you read this:


    Don't be afraid to approach guys first, or give more blatant signals to get them to approach you.


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  • -Has similar tastes as me: Likes the most of the same music, movies, and a similar sense of humor to mine.

    -Playful (likes to have fun, and isn't overly serious)




    -Doesn't care too much about money. (Money is needed to live comfortably, but I don't want her to be with me just so I will buy her things)

    -Has a positive attitude

    -Proper Hygiene

    -Doesn't get upset over every little thing/Calm

    -Doesn't do stupid stuff in public constantly seeking attention

    • except for the calm thing, I get mad easily, but it passes quickly, I have all those things.why is it so hard to find a guy?

    • I guess finding the right person takes a while.

  • cute smiles. like the ones that say "i want you so bad". little bit of teasing

  • if you watch bfvsgf on YouTube, jeana is the perfect girlfriend, try watching one episode at least to get an idea.. you'll probably be hooked nd watch all of them after anyway

    • what does bfvsgf stand for?

    • boyfriend vs girlfriend they're a couple on YouTube who vlog their life. bfvsgf is their channel name

  • I look for someone that will make me happy. To make me happy she has to give me lots of quality sex whenever I want, not flirt with other guys, not pester me with her problems or mood swings, not pressure me for marriage or going to her family/friends functions. Basically I want someone who's easy going, fun to be around, and sexually satisfying.

    • that sounds more like a f*** buddy! you don't wanna know her problems?not hang out with her family? that's a relationship?

    • It does sound like a f*** buddy. What I meant was I didn't want to be over burdened with her problems. Hearing about them now and then fine, but not 24/7. And I don't mind interacting with her family, but I don't want them to think I'm part of their world, expecting things from me, like phone calls on birthdays, and being together on holidays.

  • cute face and child bearing hips.


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