Noticed this girl on first day, looking at me?

I have this class on first day..

I sit on the front left side and this very fine female sits on the front right side on the school table desk, I was reviewing some stuff then I notice the very fine calm female facing forward toward low key glancing at me for a few seconds out of the corner of her eye then not knowing what to know, I look her right in the eye, smile then say hi immediately after that she puts her head down facing the other way then puts her ankle on ankle shaking her legs for about 30 seconds.. then after that she's sits up facing forward still shaking her leg and then scratching her thigh then looks at me again or somewhere near me.. I notice it again then she covers her face with her hand still shaking her both of her ankles

so I'm here sitting thinking to myself hmmm she might likes me, or not or maybe was looking at something else and I looked at her, or maybe she's just scared of me... just curious :o hopefully I made sense lol


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  • Seems to me that she might. Go for it, I say.

  • she probably likes you.


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