Guys, what's your reaction when a stranger gives you their number?

Say I see this guy when I go to a store a few times- I never really talk to him or anything- but one day I decide to give him my name and number and to call me sometime.

As a guy would you be put off by the forwardness of this or would you think its strange? (I overheard a convo the other day where this happened and the guy was telling his friend that it was 'weird'-and he did say the girl was cute-but still weird) Been wonderin for awhile-fill me in!


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  • I think there is one response that can be applied to ALL questions on this forum - IT DEPENDS! lol Depends on the guy, his personality style, his view on interactions ect. I can only speak from my personal views - I would not take a girl who approaches me seriously. My tyrannical view is that men were primarily hunters and I don't like to be fed; if you get my analogy. If it's worth having, it's worth working for. Once someone has something they no longer want it. As for the weird thing, I take society into consideration. Women are put into this role where they should be submissive. An outgoing female is subject to criticism; which explains the weridness. The accepted societal thing to do is guys approach and girls get approached. Girls can not control who approaches them. As a guy I can choose who I approach even if the girl doesn't choose me.

    • Hahaha 'i don't like to be fed' beautiful statement.

      Thanks for the help!

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  • Assuming that I like the girl then I wouldn't be put off, in fact, it's a turn on. Assertive women are my type.


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