If someone had to live your life for a short time what do you think they would learn?

If a person had to fill your shoes... Walk a mile in your moccasins... Really be you for a bit what would they find or learn. Also who's shoes would you like to walk in if you could?


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  • They'd probably learn that I'm not unintelligent, that I'm not actually cold-hearted, and they'd probably figure that I don't pretend not to like my sister - it's an actual feeling that isn't going away and it's not for attention.

    I would like to see what it's like in my mother's shoes. She's always wound so tight and snippy and was never very emotionally supportive so it'd be interesting to learn the reason behind that.

    • You sound very thoughtful. :-)

    • I am. Just because I don't say much doesn't mean I don't think lol

    • thoughtful quiet women are sexier. A little mystery is good... Besides better to be thought a fool then to speak and prove it.

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  • They would see a lot of bitterness and cynicism, but also infinite hopes and dreams for the future.

    I would like to walk in the shoes of someone from a very different culture, someone who faces challenges that I can't begin to imagine because their life is so different from my own. It might be a difficult/depressing experience, but also be an invaluable one. I would come out of it appreciating life so much more, filled with so much more compassion for people.

  • that my grandma's farts smell like death...

    • Haha =) wait... I mean eww =)

  • That I really am a good, sweet, sentitive person, who has a heart. Who tries to see good in people. That there is a reason why people are they way they are, due to what others have done to them.

    To be in my ex's shoes to see what he really thinks of me, and why it didn't work out.

    • Great answer thank you =)

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