What is he thinking?

There is guy in one of my classes. He is really good looking. He checks me out a lot during class and when I see him outside of class, he does the same thing. I later found out that he was engaged to someone. I understand men will look at things they like. But he looks at me a LOT, once I counted how many times he turned around to look at me in class, it was 19 times! What is he thinking?


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  • Your just pretty my dear. I mean you can't expect a man not to look at an attractive women. Even if they are engaged. Men are more of a sight being than anything else. If we see an attractive girl we're going to look at them. And saying to a guy to stop looking at another girl would be like saying, stop having fantasies to you girls.

    It just natural to look at something/someone that is beautiful in our eyes.

    Now the older you get the less 'libido' you have, so men aren't as 'horny' and don't look at every single attractive women they see. Also men tend to settle down at 24ish because they have a stable job, and are either starting, or finishing college.

    So I just think he's being a guy. If the information about him being engaged is wrong, or they broke up he might be giving you clues as to his intentions. But that information is hard to come by without asking, but I wouldn't suggest asking.

    • I agree...it's like being a little kid and your parents say "you can look, but you can't touch!" LOL

    • Thank you =) I guess I will just take it as a big compliment. He is really good looking so I can't help but look too. In the end I guess nobody gets hurt, we both end up with a confidence booster!

      P.S. I noticed you answered both my questions and commented on the whole gym/workout schedule thing with me on another girl's question. You are a very smart boy for your age. Keep up the great work. Learn and learn, never stop because it's the best thing to accomplish.

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