I like this girl but I don't know what do I do next?

Okey ,so the thing is that I have about one week time.

There is this girl I like but I don't know her.It all started 2weeks ago ,we started looking at each other eyes from distance for longer than normal.After 2 weeks of watching each other she started looking at me for one sec and then look away ..(that was last 2 days) ,so I was wondering if she likes me and if she do what am I suppose do to...i want to go and talk to her but she is all the time with her girlfriends..they are 5girls..i just can't go and talk to 5 girls :( /and by the way for last 3 weeks I never saw man/boy around them ,so I guess the girl is single/ she was giving me signals of interest 2 weeks and then started giving me just glances for one sec :( so I'm confused now ..what am I suppose to do ?I want to talk to her but I can't do it in front of all of her friends..

ps;i don't know anyone how knows her :( so ,don't know her name ..i only know that I like her so much ...i guess that's love at first sight :(

i secretly hope that she feels the same.. because all these looking at each others eyes ..uhh I don;t know I mean she probably feel something happens too :(

give me advices guys :(


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  • Thats something, I would do if I like someone too. I'd give him glances, then he'll give glances back, but then I stop, and look just for a few quick seconds, because it seemed to be awkward.. and no communication. Just send her a friendly smile, then if she smiles back, just go up to her and talk to all heral and her friends! But show more interest in her ;)


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  • you should try to talk to her..

  • As a girl, that's what I would do if I liked a guy, give her a smile and if she smiles back, speak to her, when she's alone if it's easiest for you. Tell her a cliche to maybe find her name:) good luck.


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