Ladies, I've heard you pay attention to a man's shoes?...

I need a new pair of shoes, something to wear everyday and out to bars, parties, etc. I usually go for sort of rugged type shoes, since they tend to make you taller (I'm short) and my casual look is usually wearing nice jeans or khakis with a dress shirt or maybe just clean t-shirt (college doesn't really have swanky parties). Or maybe girls will have a better suggestion. I was looking at these:




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  • I usually go to Kohl's & get Axcess:

    (Hopefully this URL works.)


    No idea if it'll attract girls; but they're inexpensive (usually on sale for around $40) and they look decent.

    But you're right about ladies paying attention to a man's shoes. I once had a co-worker (around her mid-30's) who said when she was growing up, her mom taught her to check out a man's hands (fingernails & such) and shoes. Appearently the mom said something like "If he takes care of his shoes, he'll take care of you."


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  • those shoes are really plain. get something that shows some personality, like adidas sambas, or vans. don't get any of those ratty new balance type shoes either.

    • I guess I don't know shoes, the adidas shoes don't look less plain to me; but do black shoes really go with jeans? I thought that would look weird.

    • Sambas go with everything. but I'm a rare girl who has a thing for sambas. vans are popular with the ladies.

  • Those shoes are way too boring to get you noticed in a positive way. They almost look like orthopedic shoes that old people wear. Try getting yourself some trendy sneakers, like adidas or pumas that you wouldn't wear to the gym.

  • get some vans, every one looks cooler wearing some half cabs. those shoes are nerdy :/ sorry.

    • How about these? (brown/white) (coffee/khaki) (smoke/brown/white)

    • Yeah! those are all good shoes. they're also really comfortable!

      I like these ones personally.

      really any of the eras

      out of the ones you chose, I like the first ones the best. :)

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  • link

    Those are something I'm looking to pick up, I already have a pair in white/red/gold that everyone seems to like but I also want something in less flashy colors.

    Besides those, I usually wear a pair of chuck taylors or my john varvatos jack purcels which are both are comfortable and somewhat stylish.

  • girls usually pay attention to a guys shoe, because it tells them how big a foot you have... y is this important? its because the bigger the shoe the bigger the foot, and the bigger the foot, well, its like a mans hand... it tells them how big your

    i know its shallow, because then theyll judge you based on your size down there, but it just gives them a feeling of how confident you are, because they say the bigger you are down there, the more confident you are

    • I disagree.

      A guys shoes tell you how well he takes care of himself.

      Are his shoes clean and maintained? If so most likely he is a pretty hygenic person

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    • They got what you were saying dave, but they were disagreeing and saying (correctly) that girls look at a guy's shoes to see how he takes care of himself, not to size up his penis. Any girl who's slept with a few guys knows that there's no real correlation between the two.

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