Random guys stare, some random guys tell me I look nice..

What's their purpose by telling me that?

Any ideas as to why I've never had a bf? (19 and a half y/o)


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  • People stare at me all the time, and I find it so rude. It's like people have never seen a third arm before.

  • I really enjoy telling girls that they are attractive, even if I have no interest in dating them. Your lack of boyfriend probably results from the way in which you approach guys. Every guy wants to be approached differently, which is why it can be a bit tricky. Some guys, like me, want to be approached cool, calm, and collectedly while throwing off ridiculous vibes. A girl that can tell you she likes you without exploding all over the place is irresistible for me. Some guys just don't like being approached. They want to do the approaching. Others like it when the girl spazes all over the place. There are many other ways to approach a guy but I find these three are the most commonly liked. Look at how you approach people and how you hold yourself and you might find an answer to your boyfriend problem.


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