Do men really age like wine and women age like milk? do men really age better than women do or what?

Does it get harder for girls, women as they get older, like once they reach their 30's? for example, all of the model looking girls or girls close to looking like models, do they get less options, choices to date, to be in a relationship as they get older? they get hit on less? as in, they don't have to throw around the phrase "creeper, loser" as much as before?

i would hope that Karma would hit these women, that would be their punishment for rejecting all of those guys who hit on them, asked them out


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  • all people age differently. I see plenty of woman that are in their 30's and 40's that look great while plenty of men look awful in their 30's and 40's and vice versa


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  • Due to our culture and various superficial aspects within,we are not taught to appreciate the inevitable process of aging.Instead we want to stop it or postpone it.As a result,questions like this is posed.When in actuality everyone is CONSTANTLY aging.But genetics and the way we DO or DON'T take care of ourselves,are the determining factors of HOW we age.

    Sadly,overall...women are expected to look 25...FOREVER.And men are expected to age well OR terribly.But it won't matter as long as you have money, or a means of taking care of a family.How pathetic.But that's society I guess.

    However,I don't expect to have any problems aging,or getting a second look for that matter. ;)

    • we have feminism to thank for all that

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    • its not really an opinion its more of an observation

    • Whatever...dude.

  • I don't think that's true at all. Their are many women who are in their 30's and older who are still gorgeous. Women are known as cougars for a reason. A lot are financial independent, owning their own homes. I am going to be 30 in 2 years I don't think in going to suddenly become ugly or undesirable.

  • I think for the majority of cases this can be true, I don't think it means the men are more attractive it usually just means they get wrinkles a bit later. I think it has something to do with all the unhealthy practices women are more likely to participate in such as tanning and using harsh products on their skin. But it is mainly to do with genetics.

  • No.

    People who have good genetics and take care of themselves age better and people who neglect and abuse their bodies age worse.

    Most people have a slightly harder time dating past 30 because most people are either married or parents, so there are less social events to meet people. But plenty of men and women do date after that age. Some of the ones who didn't age well still date each other and have a happy enough time of it.

    Also, guys are deluded if they think most 25 year old women still lust after the average 40 year old like they do for a 25 year old. That's a rarity and usually only applies to top tier men. I see plenty of guys in the bars hitting on the young girls who get laughed at and usually go home alone. Women will trade other qualities for a less sexual attraction, but that doesn't change with age. It's been that way from the start.

    A lot of young guys hold on to this concept that "hot bitches that didn't put out for me" will suddenly get theirs and be worthless to society. It's as deluded as the notion that girls hang on the idea that "The hot badboy will always regret the girl who didn't put out."

    • but those girls become single moms that nobody wants to date. so it kind of is that way

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    • Anonymous...

      I agree with your comments to this other dude.

      He can't be serious...but sadly I think he is.

    • it should be karma to all the women who reject and label men creepers, weirdos, stalkers, losers, because they won't get to label those guys that anymore once they get older because they won't get hit on as much as before

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  • yes its true, but even wine turns to vinegar eventually we just got a longer shelf life

  • It's a fact that men and women age differently when it comes to attracting the other gender.

    Take two good looking women, one 20 and the other 40 and ask a bunch of men which one they would prefer to go out with. The vast majority will pick the younger one. Do the same with two men and it'll be a much more split decision.

    If you look at online dating statistics, you'll see that women almost always look for someone their age or older, while men look for someone their age or younger. Statistics don't lie.

  • Fail

  • Men and women don't physically age differently, but there is a psychological difference and it is related directly to what men value in women versus what women value in men. Just another example of how life is unfair. Perhaps we need a new law to fix that.

    • thats not exactly true. women experience hormonal loss a lot faster then men

    • Well, you got me there.

    • i guess

  • yes women are desired for their youth and beauty. women fertility starts to drop at 27 and plummet at 35 men don't really start to decline in fertility till mid to late forties and we are more desired for out status and assets two things you gain with age if you work at it.

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