Girls, how do you stop comparing yourself to other girls?

I've been told I'm good looking, pretty, etc all the time but I'm not secure about my looks. I feel secure about other things because I grew up being a nerd so I'm good with school, math etc.

I don't feel pretty and since men are visual, I don't know if I can keep a guy when there are so many hotties, cuties, etc around.


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  • You don't. You just have to learn to live with it. Everybody, once in their life, compares themselves with others and that's totally normal!

    I think the same way you do though. When I go out, my friends always expect me to get approached, I don't get approached, other girls get approached so I should feel bad about it. I don't. Yes, there are other girls, but they don't have some of the qualities that I do, just like other girls don't have the same qualities as you have.

    It's like fruit. I love strawberries, I know people who don't like em (crazy right?) well, the strawberries are the hottest girls. A lot of people want them, not a lot of people would decline them, but I wouldn't eat them every day. Some people like apples better, or cherries, or pineapples, or... You know what I mean.

    You shouldn't compare yourself with others, especially not the ones who look amazing. I try to stay away from those or when I see someone who looks great, I hope she's a meanie.

  • I used to have self esteem issues. And honestly still do occasionally. The thing that really helped me was that I learned to really recognize that no one out there is just like you. You may have an awesome personality trait or maybe a certain beauty feature that one guy will just say "that girl is for me" and that is really true. No one can be just alike. Keep yourself up and don't let yourself go. Embrace your features like math and having good grades. A guy will come along and love you for you.