Any thoughts what to do?

I'm in a Engineering class, I sit in the back and she sits right next to me.. so I'm looking at the whiteboard which happens on the her side where the teacher is writing stuff down. I noticed that she kinda looked at me with a side glance I think, then I looked at her after that she covered her temple head area with her hand, looked at the teacher then started rocking her feet back and forth kinda nervously I think. After a minute or so she got calm and looked at me with a super fast side sideways looking at me then once again I looked at her.. after that she started rocking her feet again, also grabbing her hair with five fingers and pulled it back and forth about 5 times then scratched her leg..

only thing is she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend so I must have scared her or something.. don't know what to do o_O

another thing is she interested in me? since for me most females are hard to read


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  • i feel like she just got slightly conscious, as she must be mistaking your behavior to be staring at her, but as much as I understand you were just trying to look at the board...things like these happen to all of us...

    some girls are very sensitive, it doesn't matter whether they are taken or not, if they feel like a guy is staring at them, checking them out...they get uneasy... they feel like they need to look/be their best at that point in

    next time she glances at you, try not to glance back at her, if she still keeps looking at you, then you know she might have some sort of interest in you, if she stops , then she does not

    hope this helps!


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  • no way to really tell unless you talk to her.


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