Are you an adorable guy?

I am an adorable guy. (good looking with lack of masculinity)

Girls like hugging me, call me cute, I get warm smiles sometimes, I can really brighten up a bored chicks day by my presence.

Ugly sluts just want to f*** me, and hot crazy bitches love to play games with me, giving up the p**** depends.

I look innocent but I am corrupted as f***.

I won't flirt back with you though because I know you are a loopy girl.

If I sexually advance on you, you might find it amusing at worst.

I actually do get a lot of p**** I just need to lower my standards.


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  • I'm an adorable guy.


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  • anonymous poster reveals otherwise

    SUP logic wins

  • im sure girls love fu cking dudes

    that look like little boys, your hands don't count