Is it weird that I don't want my boyfriend to take care of me when I'm sick?

So right now I'm really sick. I've got a horrible case of the flu, and its horrible. There are lots of dirty tissues, I look really pale and bluish/greenish, my hair's a mess. To be honest I look like one of the walking dead. My boyfriend wants to take care of me, but I don't really want him to. Is that weird? Is anyone else like this?


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  • Although you're sick and may not want to be bothered, you should be grateful that he wants to come and take care of you. Why don't you want him too? If he didn't say anything at all or didn't even consider trying to help you out, you would be angry about that. The very thought of him wanting to take care of you should mean something...

    • this may sound shallow... but I think I just don't want him to see me looking this horrible

    • Then you need to face your insecurities head-on. It is better to be open with him about your self-consciousness than to leave him feeling like he's doing something wrong. In relationships, love must matter more than vanity. If he can't accept you simply because you're vulnerable, then he may not really be all that into you. First, come to grips with your own insecurity and vulnerability. Nobody decreed from ancient times that you had to be Miss Invincible. You are free to be less-than.

    • ok I guess your right... I'm a perfectionist so I like to look perfect ...

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  • yea I am the same, though I think it would be nice if he brought you flowers or tea and honey or your favorite candy... or a good movie

    • Yeah I ended up letting him come over and he brought a movie and he made me soup and went out to get me my medicine and everything

  • No that's not weird. I wouldn't want my boyfriend to see me when I look terrible. Maybe if we had been together for a really long time but otherwise no.

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