Dressing more mature?

I'm 28 years old and I feel I need to try and dress 'more mature' (i.e. not a shirt and jeans all the time) but I feel that I can't change. I love my casual style and wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt over-top is my absolute favorite thing in the world. It's comfortable and classic. Yet, as I get older I feel this type of style is not good for me and it makes me look boring. Has anyone else ever felt this way? If so what did you do about it?


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  • I have a secret fashion obsession, and have helped a few of my friends over the years with this same issue. Here is what I usually recomend...

    Think of a celebrity in your age range whom you admire and want to emulate who has a similar body type to yours. Google them and look at what they wear. What do those outfits say about them? What sorts of colors, fits and shapes to they wear, and why are they falttering?

    Now think of what sort of message you want to send. For example, your message might be "I am mature. I am professional. I am attractive. I am fun. I am sexy." Now you don't necessarily need to go out and buy the same outfits as this celebrity, but consider what sort of things you could add to your wardrobe that would help you present these messages.

    Here are a few basics that you could start with:

    - A blazer

    - Black trousers

    - A casual structured jacket (leather, denim, military, etc)

    - A pair of casual pants that are not denim (leather, black, kaki, colored, etc)

    - A few shirts in various colors that are formal enough to wear to work

    - A little black dress

    - A structured bag of some sort

    - A pair of leather shoes

    Another good thing to do is to look at some fashion magazines and websites for inspiration. You don't have to give up the comfy look, but sometimes there are ways to dress this up. For example, a cardigan is just as comfy as a hoodie, but way more adult.

    Good luck!

    • Sorry for the late reply; I've been so busy with work. This is awesome advise, thanks so much! I will definitely try some of this.

    • You're welcome! :D

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  • I'm 25 and I've felt like that a bit. I'm still very much into t-shirts and jeans, but yes, I do wear button-up shirts a lot more now and I really enjoy wearing a good suit as well.

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Its not like your 50.


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  • If you wear sneakers, try out different types of shoes like heels, flats, lofers ect. You aren't in middleschool anymore. And jeans are OK, you just need to have nice fitted dark jeans that fit to your shape.

    Blazers also work. It gives a person a more sophisticated look. It's easy and simple. You can just pair if with a nice blouse or sleeveless sh*t.

    If you wanna learn more, watch "what not to wear". Theyre amazing at these things.

    • I remember when I lived in the States I used to watch that show sometimes and it was interesting. I'll have to search and if I can watch it online.