Do you think he likes me or am I over thinking?

I had to stay in my friend's class because my teacher wasn't at school that day. But anyways I say my crush and I was looking at him(not staring) when he wasn't paying attention. But when we went to lunch he saw me looking at him and he smiled at me. But I wasn't thinking and got nervous so I just looked away really fast. And then when he sat down he was looking at me and when I caught him he looked away fast. The rest of the day he didn't look at me at all.


What should I do?

Am I over-thinking?

(He's a nice guy by the way.)


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What Guys Said 1

  • encourage him to talk to you by looking him in the eyes and smiling.

    if he is shy or if you want to know it fast just try to talk to him in a casual way

    interpreting eye contacts like you described isn´t possible because you are biased by your feelings.

    one reason could be: he might not be interested; just want´s to be nice and doesn´t want you to get the wrong idea

    another reason:he might be interested but you looking away fast could have been a sign of rejection to him

    or: he is shy or nervous as you are

    or: he doesn´t think about all the things above at all and is just who he is ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • That's a sign of interest that both of you are showing to each other. Although, you may need to capture more of his body language signs to actually determine whether he really likes you or not. :) You can read online about what kind of body language men displays when they are into you.