This girl is killing me, what should I do?

I catch her looking at me and she makes à funny face

She looks into my eyes when we talk

She laughs all the time when we are together

She wants me to join her in events(some)

We talk 5 days à week

She flirts à lot in general but more with me

People think we are together


every time I ask her to see à movie or catch à show she is either busy or talks around it.

I know she's been hurt à few times before

Any ideas here?


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  • Oftentimes, girls ask this way because 1) she believes you are so desaparate to get her, 2) she wants more than dates or being her boyfriend, (meaning she wants to kill where you will do anything anything she asks for her such as paying for all days, movies, rides, and fun things, 3) she has someone on the side she does not want you to find out, 5) and she enjoys the self-agrandising sense of being wanted and chased. I think she read The 48 Laws of Power or The Art of Seduction. She wants to toture you and put your knees to the ground. Often she would tell her friends how desaparate you are to get her but she does not appreciate either your look or that she wants a man better than you simply to enhance her msguided self-stem. Woman do this all the time, even married ones because women love the sense of being liked, chased, and it makes them gain self-confidence.

    THus, you need to make yourself busy for at least 2 weeks. When she texts or calls just text (busy). If she says, "what are you busy about"? Say to her " I am with friend of mine who came to the city/or town from another place" or study, looking for a job, or just hanging out with friends. Make up some wild stories of things you saw and how busy you are. Limit the times you talk to her. Make yourself unavailable. For example, when she calls out of a sudden, greet her and say "Can I call in a minute". Hang up and do not call her back. Tell her you got busy. Finally but the least, do not reveal much of the things you do, will do. The more you appear change and wild, the better you make her interesting in you. If she wants you, she would come down and tell you, "hey tell me what happen, we were good friends and have talking to each other but you seem to be changing lately. Or simply tell her you met a cute girl at the mall and asked her number that you going to take her for a date. Then two or three days don't call her because that means you got the one! She will be like, " oh my god, he is leaving me! I need to get him before he is taken!". Play mind games! And good lucky.

    • Sorry, I did not edit. I apologize for sending unedited comment but hope you got the point. Act like a busy man who is about to meet the most beautiful girl you met at the local Mall or Gas Station. Then for few days make yourself busy. If she has feelings for you, you will sense from her tone of being jealous, of wanting to hang out, and talk to you. She might even say, "can we go out sometime this week"? Say, "I am busy, I have date on that day"? She would be either the one or not. Good lucky

    • thank you for all that information unofrtunate It doesn't help me this time.

      I've stopped contacting her for almost 2 weeks and she kept contacting me in which I cut down the conversations to a few sentences. I know for a fact that I'm her only guy friend she is close to so there is no one at her side.

      I thought it might just be the attention she gets from me but it doesn't seem that way by any of our friends. Everyone who knows us is thinks we actually are a couple.

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  • Call the pooooolice.

    On a more serious note, just continue to join her in some events. Better than nothing right? As her comfort level with you increases, as should the events she wants you to accompany her to.

  • I think that she likes you but isn't ready for a realationship just yet. She may not want to get hurt again. She may also be testing you, playing hard-to-get. or she's just not that interested.

    Hope it helps.

  • I think maybe she is not prepared to have a relationship at this moment. She could be still watching to see if you are really a nice guy to be with. Good Luck!

  • It's clear cut that she isn't prepared ! she is taking time.

    Either she is not that interested in you or she doesn't want to get hurt again.


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  • I agree with the others, she is not prepared. Instead of asking her on a date, try hanging with her without labeling it.

    She's been hurt, so she is going to need assurance that you are not like her ex's before she accepts a date with you.

    How do you assure her that you're different from the rest, do you ask?

    You continue spending quality time with her to gain her trust, and to restore her belief that there are still good men out there. If you can change her perspective about happy endings, then you'll get the date that you want.

    Good Luck to you,

  • She seems to like you, but might be protecting herself from emotional harm, as what Diviamiaow just said.

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