What am I supposed to do in these situations? This happens a lot and I don't know what they expect me to do?

Just yesterday at my gym I saw a good looking girl working out and as I walked out of the stairwell she stares at me "like a deer in headlights" and she looks away and I could read her lips she went "God damn."

What am I supposed to do? walk up and say, oh by the way I noticed you did that lets have sex because I think you're hot too?


Then last week another woman who I also thought was decent looking was staring at me walking down the stairs and she locked eyes with me and almost killed herself because she lost her balance and almost fell down the stairs.

Again, wtf am I supposed to do? "Oh you almost died, so let me make it up to you and take you out to dinner?"

I have no clue.

Then today two hot blond women are checking me out and keep staring at me and I keep doing nothing.

I had another woman walk up to me and start a conversation (she was like a 7) and she just ended up giving me her massage card for her business and then that's that.

"I was like, is she just promoting her business? oh well."

Any advice ladies on what the f*** I'm supposed to do?



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  • If you're that good looking, then I don't see why you should be shy to approach these women. For all you know they're the ones who were too shy and might even be tripping on their own words if you start the conversation first. Just say hi and ask her if they come to the gym often or what do they do for a living and so on to break the ice. Talk. People go to the gym to get to know people, not just to get fit so start by being a friendly gym mate before you start asking them out on a date or luring them to your bed. All the best.

    • i am SUPER awkward.

      i can't hold a conversation to save my f***ing life.

    • and what's bullsh*t is I have never been in a long term relationship.

      Women just don't take me seriously they just have sex and then that's it.

      They assume I'm just some player and sh*t on me all the time.

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  • well, either you look weird, or they are interested in you. Just ask, it's not like you'll have contact with them again.

  • If you are interested in them, then approach them and talk to them and if you aren't then avoid looking at them or interacting with them. When I go to the gym I notice guys staring at me but I just avoid it because when I'm at the gym I am there to work out and am oblivious to everything else. Plus I feel so nasty and sweaty that I wouldn't want to approach any of the guys anyway,

    • even if its a guy you think is hot? you'll just ignore it?

    • If I think he is hot then I might look at him a couple of times but I dont' stop what I am doing to go over and talk to him. I usually do cardio first when I go to the gym and by the time I'm done I'm so sweaty I don't really want to talk to any guy. Plus I prefer guys to approach me.

    • yeah this is what happens to me all the time.

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