Girls like guys in suits?

I'm 18 and I've always dressed in a "relaxed" way, jeans with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. But as I grow up I'm starting to like suits more and more. I see my self wearing suits daily in a few years (probably as soon as I finish university). And I was wondering, so girls like guys on suits?

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  • I wouldn't fall for a guy based on what he was wearing, but yes..when a guy I like puts on a suit, it's the icing on the cake for me, especially if it is black. Suits say power, leadership, authority. A lot of women find these traits very attractive in a man. For an informal occasion you could try a more casual blazer with jeans.


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  • not necessarily for me . . :)

    yes, they can be attractive in suits but

    I like guys who dress casually ! :)

  • I think if a guy is attractive, he's attractive no matter what he's wearing. But yes I do like suits on guys because it makes them look put together. It also gives others the impression that he is a strong/powerful and in control individual (think James Bond, on Sky fall 007). If you love suits hey go for it, I'm sure you will still get girls, if not more than you have in the past! ;)


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  • Usually, girls like guys in suits for one reason; because suits are usually fitted well to the guy's body.

    As you know...most guys wear clothes either too big, too small, or clothing not flattering to their natural bodyshape.

    With guys in suits, the odds of the clothes falling in those spectra is less probable.

  • I can tell you many (not all) women like men in suits when they are wearing them for an appropriate reason. Like having a job that requires it.

    A much smaller percentage of women think its cool for men to hang out in suits casually.

    • if I get the job I want, it will require a suit, so that's awesome :D

    • Sport coats and blazers for the casual but well dressed.

    • Depends on context, I like sports coats and blazers, but its pushing it in a lot of environments.

      If you're not dressed appropriate for where you are, you look like you're playing dress up.