Girls: Has this ever happened to you when checking out a guy?

Have you ever checked out a guy who was sitting down. You think he is cute and you keep looking at him. But when he stands up you see that he is short and you suddenly lose all attraction for him.

I think this happened to me today. Me and this girl kept checking each other out in the university library. Then I suddenly stood up to go to the toilet and when I came back I continued to keep looking at her but I noticed she wasn't looking at me at all anymore. She kept constantly checking me out (not trying to sound conceited) before I stood up. Did my lack of height turn her off?I'm about 5'5''


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  • ouch, it should have hurt :( well if she thought she was taller then yeah it was a turn-off ... but for some, 5'5'' isn't that bad... it's just that girls think tall guys are sexy and manly, which they actually are, but if a girl really likes you for who you are then it wouldn't matter if you're only 5'5'' .. don't worry :)

    • I guess. Just feeling a bit bummed out. I didn't approach her in the end after I realized she stopped looking at me. Man she was cute!

    • yeah bummer ^^

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