Cute girl in class stared at me and smiled when I finally looked. there's one class left.. How do I meet her?

This would happen to me..

An incredibly cute girl in a huge lecture hall of mine totally stared me down and gave me smile when I looked over. I smiled back and we did that slightly awkward look away and look back at each other a couple times thing before finally going our separate ways.

Problem is, I have only one more class and its a lecture hall of 400 students. My only plan now Is to sit near the front where she was. But how can I even be sure we'll even see each other? After all maybe her smile was just a friendly one and she won't even notice if I'm near by.

Is this an open sign to go ahead and talk to her? Or am I looking to deep into it? If she was sending signals how in the world do I meet her with only one class left? If I see her in class what do I do?


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  • Walk up, smile your cocky-est grin. Put your hand out. Hi, My name's Bob (or whatever) Want to go grab a coffee?


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