Is he interested in me at all?or a lot?help!

I met this guy in our school's store , where he bought a Gatorade and accidentally said it was the wrong color. Then all of a suddenly he starts calling me by my name which I did not give him. One day we were in a class room and we both looked at each other and started walking towards each other but when we got less then an inch away we had nothing to say. Sometimes he seems like he is listening to my conversations but then again sometimes he will by me and not say anything to me at all. A week ago when I was talking to my female friend he said "you guys should come to our basketball game " but was looking at me? He is a grade younger than I am so I don't know if that has something to do with it.


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  • There's not much info here to really give you an answer. You've just got to try talking with him, doing something fun together, hanging out, etc


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