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why is it when you and your boyfriend sit together and are really close to each other (close enough to kiss) he doesn't say anything. he just sits there and looks into your eyes or closes his eyes. what is he thinking about? is he nervous?


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  • The first kiss is always awkward, and both parties are going to be nervous about even thinking about kissing their boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Usually when a guy leans in it's to test the girls reaction. If she backs away we know you aren't ready to kiss us yet. It's really bad when if we would just try to kiss you, and you push us back. Not saying you don't have the right to. So we lean in for a couple of seconds, and try to see what your reaction is before we even attempt to kiss you.

    he could be waiting for you to make the first move. I know most girls don't make the first move, but I think it's easier on the guy. I mean what guy is going to deny a kiss? Or any sign of affection at that. Also guys have a hard time with their feelings, and so many feelings run through your head when your thinking of kissing someone. So we get nervous.

    The best thing to do is clearly display your intentions. Before you go out on the date, make sure you want to kiss him. Make yourself look good. IF you think you look good, your confidence will be up, and you won't be shy about kissing him, and vise versa.

  • Ifhe'sa very recent bf, he might be thinking about kissing but be afraid to scare you by going too fast.He might also just be dreaming...enjoying your eyes.


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