Girls, how does it make you feel when your female friends try to imitate your style?

I think it's annoying. I like to be different and I often express that with my style. I can't stand it when someone imitates it. Imitation is not a form of flattery, it's a form of lacking your own originality and creativity so you go around taking other people's and it's irritating, not complimentary. I'm currently annoyed af with a "friend", who is quickly becoming an acquaintance, who is now doing her hair EXACTLY like mine. So identically to my style that people are getting us confused. Then she doesn't own up to it when I call her out on it. At this point, I'm about to stop talking to her *although just last night I payed for her food and she gave me an Xmas card* because today, I'm so aggravated and annoyed. It's already bad enough that she's doing her curls JUST like mine, but imitating the same exact way I style it? ...No.

Am I being childish or petty?

What are your thoughts on this? How do you feel when your female friends try to imitate you?


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  • I don't think you are being childish. If she keeps doing it every single time, it does get pretty annoying and seems like she's a bit obsessed with who you are. It's normal to do it every once in a while but if people are getting you confused that also gets irritating. I was almost in the same situation as you were one time. But look at it this way, if someone copies your style, then you must have taste. At least you are a creative girl. Most people aren't creative.


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  • I went through this when I was in high school. I had a girl who was my best friend and she would always tell me how she liked how creative I was and stylish. She would then come the next day to school with something I had done the day before. I started doing my own DIY t-shirts and then she would do them. She wasn't as good as me at doing stuff but people always thought she came up with it :S

    It really got to me because people only gave her credit when I was the one who had started doing it originally. It was pretty annoying.

    But I wouldn't stop talking to her. Just keep being yourself. Some people have to copy others because they just have no sense of style of their own. It's great that you are so creative, keep finding ways to stand out.

    Try to find interests that don't involve her, give yourself a break from her for a bit.

    • Awwh, I appreciate this answer :)

      it's nice to know you can relate to me. You're right, but it's so annoying. Then when I call her out on it, she just gets defensive. What's even more annoying is that one of our very first convos, she talked about how a girl who was her friend was doing her hair just like hers then she went around and did the same thing

  • If someone copying your style is your biggest problem, I would say you have it made.

    • I never said it was my biggest problem.

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    • that's okay because I wasn't put on this Earth to prove to some anon stranger that I realize what people go through in this world :) You are not Ghandi so stop trying to act like it. Maybe it makes you feel deep and intellectual, but it also makes you laughable.

    • So you're implying and subliminally suggesting that I should repress and lie about my sincere feelings just because ONE SITUATION IN MY LIFE, a life that you know nothing about, doesn't reach the extremes of struggle? lol,look sweetie; I'm honest. I keep it real. I don't lie and misrepresent for the sake of shutting know it all wanna-bes like yourself up. If you can't handle that, then you should leave :)