Guys Help! He parks near and watches me when I leave....Why?

I just found out from a friend that my ex parks across the street from my place and watches as I leave for work. He described my outfit down to my shoes! He broke up with me to be with another girl. He has tried to call once and he has text 4 times, I will never respond, what for? He told my friend that he simply could not let me go, and that he just had to know I was OK. Is this normal behavior? I have never seen his truck and for him to describe my earrings and shoe he must be using binoculars... What is this?


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  • Stalker! Get a restraining order. This could be dangerous

    • You would think since he left for another Woman he would be preoccupied, but there he sits at 7:00 am in the morning. Thanks for the response and the warning.

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