Would a guy be super judgmental of a girl having a bad hair day?

I got my hair cut today and I didn't really know how to style it. I went to work and the guy that I really like works there also. He asked me if I cut my hair and I said yes and he said "yeah it looks cut"...which made me feel self conscious. And then I went home and my sister told me that I needed to style it differently.

I feel really embarrassed and like he is not going to be attracted to me anymore. We have had a fling of and on for a while now but I'm just so afraid he won't want to anymore now that I cut my hair :/

It's not drastically different I just got bangs but still...


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  • Guys dnt really care about how you cut your hair because that's not important in a relationship and the fact that he noticed you cut your hair and commented on it shows that he likes you for you not your hair style , he just wanted to show you that he notices you and probably cares about you , and plus if he didn't like it he would have probably avoided you


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  • Guys are just awkward, if he didn't like it he wouldn't have even asked at all. He probably wanted to show you he noticed, we're not all that into hair to be honest though, there's good hair and there's sexy hair, and sexy is just a plus - good hair works just fine.


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  • Guys like long hair ...short hair is for old ladies

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