Guys what what do you look for most in a girl?

Is it, looks? personality? smile? height? weight? everything? please let me know what you look for in a girl.


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  • One thing that I say to everyone. There is NO checklist. People are attracted to different things, and what one guy likes, another guy might not like.

    That being said, initially there has to be physical attraction. No relationship will work if the two aren't physically attracted to each other (and no, that's not shallow. Think about it!)

    After the initial attraction, you need to have a great personality that is compatible with the guy. And you need to be ready for a relationship. Meaning that if you are insecure, unstable, dependent, immature, (to certain extents of course) you can't be ready for a relationship. You need to "love yourself" before you can expect anyone to love you.

    Me personally though (and like I said, its different for every guy). I notice the girls attractiveness and mannerisms first. I like a quiet (but confident) girl who is natural looking with pretty eyes and smile and who has a visually similar lifestyle to mine. After that I'll try to get to know her personality and see if any chemistry forms.


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  • My overall impression is essential. No parts of the body, and of course personality.

  • Weight. Its pretty much the only complete disqualifier I have. Other than something really rare like being a serial killer but I don't meet many of those.


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