What do you like about brown eyes?

I have a thing for eyes. I think they are the windows Into our souls. Lately I haven't been feeling so confident because I have brown eyes and I see all these girls with beautiful light eyes. Green, blue with specks of yellow, hazel...they're so pretty. And I have brown. My friends have taken pictures of my eyes in the sunlight and it shows I have blotches of green. But you can ONLY see them if I'm staring directly at the sun and you're like 3 inches away (and how often does that happen?). I feel like guys are like "oh she just has

boring brown eyes" when they look at me. =/ I guess I'm just kinda insecure (at least I'm admitting it, right?)

This q is for girls and guys.


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  • I too believe eyes to be the "window to the soul", and brown eyes are by far the most soulful in my opinion. In fact, I love brown eyes to the exclusion of all others. And no, I haven't brown eyes myself, so read nothing narcissistic into it.


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  • I have dark brown eyes, and light brown hair. So I like brown eyes, and dark hair :)

    The color is so rich, and not so bright. It's like a deep sweet chocolate, so rich, and full, and savory... Can't seem to explain it in words. I just love brown eyes. Even a light brown.

    I like a nice blue on a red head though. And hazel green on a blond. But I prefer darker colors myself.

    • AHH biansry illusion answered my question!!!! o_O

      (sorry I'm just a little starstruck Lol)

      Thanks for your input =)

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    • Lawls. Well I see you give a lot of good advice/answers to a lot of good questions, so to me, you ARE famous. xD tehe, thank you. =") my mom has hazel eyes and my dad has reeeally dark eyes so I ended up with mediumish brown eyes. =)

      Sorry, but what does :S mean again? I've forgotten....x)

    • I'm pretty sure :S means confused. I just use it freely though. I like to use :? for a question lol.

  • Brown eyes are pretty and fascinatingly warm & sexy: nothing boring about them.


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