Which is more intriguing on a woman? Less or More?

Which is more intriguing on a woman? Less or More? Which makes you want to come over and talk to me more?

1. A very short skirt with a blouse that's barely a blouse, with more cutouts than material. It's very colorful, and is accompanied by heavy makeup.


2. A sleek, long, dark red, floor-length, satin dress with a moderate neckline paired with a long-sleeve black jacket and tall heels. The girl is wearing minimal makeup.

Both these looks look hot and sexy to you, but which makes you come over and start flirting?


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  • Neither.

    Both looks are immodest in different ways.

    The first option will probably attract guys' attentions but that doesn't mean they'll approach because it's way too obvious you're trying to be sexually enticing. They may think you are kind of slutty.

    The second option is almost classy, except for the heels. Very high heels are a sign that you are not classy, just trying to be. So this also comes off as showing off.

    The better bet is to go for the casual effortless look. Some of these girls have a lot of ego too because they know they can get up in the morning, wear almost anything, and still attract a ton of guys, but it works. Guys are more intrigued by girls who don't feel the need to show off.


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  • For me it would depend on what I'm in the mood for if I'm out for a party girl #1 the one for me

    If I'm looking for a lady say dinner and a movie or the theatre #2 is on for the night

    #1 is not the girl to take to dinner

    #2 is not the girl to take to a bar

  • Clothing wise... I'd probably lean towards the first one. Visually, it just seems 'inviting'. However, I doubt you'd want to give off that impression.

    Heavy makeup doesn't really look that good (imo). Too much of anything really isn't good.

    What do you consider to be your best features? Whatever it is wear what you think highlights/emphasises it.


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  • 1 is a slut, or looked upon as one. 2 sounds nice, but in reality, any guy could walk over, but you need the one that doesn't care what you wear to talk to you.

    -love Sosa

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