Hate myself and how I look.

I have eczema, have had it since I was little. I'm allergic to basically everything, cats, dogs, wheat, dairy, soap powder, I have bad reactions to changes in water. My skin all over my body breaks out in eczema, my face gets red dry flaky blotches on it. I have a bad thing about my nose as the skin between my nostrils comes down lower and I look like a witch. Basically I just hate the way I look and it's in my head all the time, I hate it, I have no idea how to make it better, I've been to the doctor so many times, so many creams, antibiotics, allergy tests, everything you can imagine. Nothing makes much difference. I hate how I look, I used to self harm. I feel like I'm never ever going to find someone who'll love me because I look so awful.


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  • I wish that I had a great answer for you that would instantly make you feel better. I do not. However I have some things for you to think about:

    First of all, you do not have an ability to control what you look like. You are doing everything that you can to help and that is all you can do. It is what it is. I look like a bear. I am 6'7" and weight 315lbs! Not much I can do about it other than not try to scare people too badly. :-)

    Second you can control what you think about, but it may take time. There is a saying, you can look up the origins if you wish, but it says: "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." You can make the choice to think of the good things in life, things you can do, you can be, etc.

    Also please remember that yes we live in a world where everyone thinks looks are important. They are not. They fade away. And I am not saying that you do not look nice, I have no idea. But I suspect that it must be hard for a young woman to not look as she would like in today's world. Again make a choice about the things you are going to think about and focus on.

    There is nothing that you have said that I would think precludes you from becoming a successful business person, or a coach, or a pilot, or a scientist, or helping people less fortunate, or whatever it is that your talents lead you to do.

    I am sure you have heard this before, but it does not make it less true... You want someone to love you for your mind and your heart and your soul.

    There is a scripture that I have always found interesting it says "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." That applies to you as much as it applies to everyone. It may not be how you feel, but how you feel does not change that you were wonderfully made.

    I hope that this helps you think though things a little bit. I wish you well Sweet One.

    • Thank you, I understand what you're trying to say. I don't understand weight in lb's though sorry :L

    • I am 2meters tall and weigh 142 Kg. Anyway... that wasn't really the point! :-) I was just being silly. It was the other things.

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  • I know it is really hard but first I think you have to talk to a shirk...I know it would be hard to but I think it will be affecting your mentally for so long.

    Maybe when you get older your skin will get used to it?

    There is someone out there for all of us...it takes time but you will find him.

    • A shirk? I don't self harm anymore.

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    • I don't have anything to be self confident about though so what's really the point? And anyway I can't basically say to my parents that I'm wrong in the head, they'd take it terribly. It's not an option.

    • Ok I understand, it was a thought. Maybe a website like okcupid might help. It is hard to find someone there but given time to chat to someone might make you realize that looks are not everything.

  • I had bad eczema as a kid. I forget what I used to cure it though... :( But it is curable.

    Some things you can try is start eating coconut oil, you can also rub it on your skinn. Start taking omega 3 vitamins. Try not drinknig milk for a couple weeks. DONT scratch it, ever. Google "Cure exzema naturally" and look for ideas.

    • I can't take dairy at all, haven't in over a year. I've tried numerous oils on my skin and coconut balm that I took a reaction too. I eat a lot of salmon so therefore assumed I was getting omega 3?

  • So then what are you looking for here?


    You've offered no question.


      Looking for a little advice if that's not too hard, if you know nothing about it that's fine.

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  • I suffer with psoriasis and understand where you're coming from. All I can say is - goats milk. I spent an absolute fortune on my skin and nothing really worked so I went back to what my mother used when I was a kid-goats milk. I now get seasonal breakouts but in places which can be hidden elbows, backs of knees. My niece used to suffer badly with eczema and was/is allergic to everything but my mother gave her goats milk at 6 months when the doctors were saying she was lactose intolerant. My niece is now 10 and hasn't looked back since

    • Goats milk. Might ask my mum to try some. Thanks, I feel like nothing's worked.

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    • Yeah as in taste:-( Goats eat everything, every herb, weed, bramble and so their milk has much more benefits than cows but the taste is the payoff. I was reared on it but it was still difficult for me to go back to it. Maybe try yoghurts first or at least the soaps and moisturisers but the best way to sort out your skin is from the inside out and that means diet, unfortunately

    • Oh I am on a diet, no wheat no dairy, I deviate to make it bearable but not hugely. I have just been to the doctors and he has given me a month long run of antibiotics and I'm really hoping they help clear it up for now.

  • Ur young its jus a teenage phrase soon you're gona turn to a butterfly!